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FBB 150

Using the same technology proven on deep-sea merchant vessels, FleetBroadband 150 (FB150) is Inmarsat's new entry-level service designed for coastal merchant, small leisure, fishing and government vessels. Combining a high-quality telephone connection with simultaneous IP data at up to 150kbps and SMS texting, FB150 is ideal for small to medium-sized vessels requiring single-user internet access and email. The compact and easy to install FB150 offers you an affordable and reliable communications system - available around the globe.


  • Standard IP: Up to 150kbps
  • Voice: 4kbps AMBE+2
  • SMS Standard 3G (up to 160 characters)

Diameter 29.1cm
Height 22.1cm
Weight 2.5kg




Thrane & Thrane


ITHAX Telephony - Save approx. 70%! on calls from any fixed location or mobile phone on the planet towards any fixed, mobile, satellite (Inmarsat, Iridium etc) destination worldwide. ITHAX Telephony can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure, without interfering with your current telephony provider. more...

Arcom’s Fleet Monitoring System is a trailblazing online monitoring application designed for commercial managers of fleets of deep-sea vessels.

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Did you know that...

collaborates with most major operators offering a variety of privileges and flexibility in the pricing under the same umbrella?

invoices and itemised call data reports can be sent electronically upon request (besides hardcopy) in PDF and excel format, including helpful statistical analysis of your traffic?

provide 24/7 Customer care and support over our own customer-care centre (not those of the operators)?

offers shore-to-ship telephony (voice, fax, data; PSTN, ISDN and/or VOIP), SMS and e-mail?

allows registered customers/partners to have access to fleet traffic and terminal information, manuals, questionnaires, on-line requests and other useful info inside ARCOM' s web- site?

provides Accounting Authority services for 31 countries?

offers worldwide Shore Based Maintenance support and provides the certificates needed, in order to fulfil the maintenance requirements mentioned in the "SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea)  GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress And Safety System)" regulations?

supports BGAN that provides data rates up to 492kbps(Email, file transfer, video/audio streaming e.t.c.) over a shared channel and guaranteed data rates on demand up to 256kbps?

is now distributor for Radix a fully customized software especially for maritime business that provides full computer restore possibility in only few minutes.

now offers Fleet Broadband. Inmarsat's latest maritime service that enables simultaneous voice and high-speed data communications of up to 432kbps

sells equipment and services of all major hardware manufacturers (Nera, Thrane&Thrane, HNS, AddValue) for Inmarsat terminals?

is a hardware manufacturer for crew-calling routers and dialers, as well as PSTN alternative telephony routers?

can send to you (or to the vessels) only the PINS and the control numbers of your scratch cards without sending them physically, saving you from the shipping expenses and the administration?

is a software developer with solutions including ERP and billing, satellite call logging and internet cafe custom software?

is authorized by Inmarsat to act as a PSA (Point of Service Activation) for 102 countries?